Pet of the Month, October 2022, Buster Rodriguez

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Congratulations to our October 2022 Pet of the Month, Buster Rodriguez!

Read his bio below:)

“Buster was six months when he came to us. His owner was my son’s coworker, who was suffering from cancer and unable to care for him. He used to work with him daily, sitting on his lap at a computer desk. When Buster came to us, all he would do was cry, so we started working with him in our lap at a computer desk, and he stopped crying. He was hesitant to trust us at first; he would stare at us as if he did not like us. After some time, he put his guard down, and now he is our baby. Buster loves to run around the house like a young pup. His favorite thing is eating and getting Spanish crackers as a treat! We love him so much and are glad he is in our lives”

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