Pet of the Month, September 2022, Bond Landers

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Congratulations to our September 2022 Pet of the Month, Bond Landers!!
“Just over 12 years ago, a neighbor witnessed someone throwing kittens out a car window while driving
down our street, and shortly after, a black-and-white cat came parading into our yard. As a tuxedo cat,
we knew there was only one name that could fit him: Bond.
Like many rescue stories, Bond found us.
Bond has both a confidence and a clumsiness that is unlike any other rescue pet. His clumsiness has resulted
in several trips to see the TOAH staff. He and Dr. Fullenwider are lifelong friends, as Dr. Fullenwider has
treated him for worms, a broken tailbone, a shifted spine that caused him temporary paralysis in his
hind legs, and much more.
Bond’s favorite activities include suntanning by the pool and laying on anything that’s not his. He’s
incredibly talkative, particularly at night when it’s unwarranted. Like a true king, Bond prefers to pee in
front of the litter box to avoid getting his paws dirty. He loves frequent snacks by the pool and neck rubs.
Bond is living his dream of being a spoiled house cat, and we are very thankful he found us.”
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