Pet of the Month, November 2022, Augie Cain!

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Congratulations to our November 2022 Pet of the Month, Augie Cain!!

 “Augie came to live with my husband and me in May 2009 when he was just one year old. We had stopped at a local PetsMart to pick up cat food, and my husband said you have to come over and see the dapple dachshund they have for adoption. I told him we didn’t need another dog as we already had two labs and one dachshund at home. But went to see anyway. I saw Augie trying to make his way out of the crate. We went home without him, but about an hour later, my husband said we had to go back and adopt him.

 We took our dachshund, Boris, with us to see if the two of them would get along, We took them outside, and they hit it off! While we were filling out the adoption papers, two other families also wanted to adopt Augie. Guess we were the lucky ones, and it was meant to be!

 Augie was found running in Osteen with a pit bull. A lady who owned a farm kept seeing the two dogs together, and she could finally trap Augie in a stall and bring him to a rescue group. The vet neutered him and said he was right at one year old. He was a nightmare when we first got him; he would lift his leg and pee wherever he wanted. I followed him around night and day the first week, putting his leash on him and taking him outside, which began his love of being walked. If he wasn’t doing that, he was standing and clawing at the front door wanting outdoors. I don’t think he was used to being in the house. Who knows how long he had been on his own. He finally settled in but would escape every chance he could. Augie also loved his long walks with Boris, and they both loved car rides.

 In November 2010, Augie became ill and had surgery as he had eaten some of his blankets and stuffing out of his toys. This was a scary time for us as he was so lethargic after coming home, but he recovered and no more toys with stuffing. After this, he never liked Dr. Taylor again, and he growled at him every year when he went in for his checkup.

 Unfortunately, in March 2019, we had to say goodbye to our 15-year-old Boris. As a result, Augie became very depressed and was just not his usual self. Therefore, in December 2019, we adopted a two-year-old dachshund, Tanner! Augie immediately perked up, and they became best buddies.

 At 14, Augie now has some issues with his liver and is blind in both eyes and partially deaf, but he still loves car rides, rolling in the grass, and just lying in the sunshine. We cherish every day we have left with this sweet, gentle boy!” 

Pet of the Month, October 2022, Buster Rodriguez

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Congratulations to our October 2022 Pet of the Month, Buster Rodriguez!

Read his bio below:)

“Buster was six months when he came to us. His owner was my son’s coworker, who was suffering from cancer and unable to care for him. He used to work with him daily, sitting on his lap at a computer desk. When Buster came to us, all he would do was cry, so we started working with him in our lap at a computer desk, and he stopped crying. He was hesitant to trust us at first; he would stare at us as if he did not like us. After some time, he put his guard down, and now he is our baby. Buster loves to run around the house like a young pup. His favorite thing is eating and getting Spanish crackers as a treat! We love him so much and are glad he is in our lives”

Pet of the Month, September 2022, Bond Landers

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Congratulations to our September 2022 Pet of the Month, Bond Landers!!
“Just over 12 years ago, a neighbor witnessed someone throwing kittens out a car window while driving
down our street, and shortly after, a black-and-white cat came parading into our yard. As a tuxedo cat,
we knew there was only one name that could fit him: Bond.
Like many rescue stories, Bond found us.
Bond has both a confidence and a clumsiness that is unlike any other rescue pet. His clumsiness has resulted
in several trips to see the TOAH staff. He and Dr. Fullenwider are lifelong friends, as Dr. Fullenwider has
treated him for worms, a broken tailbone, a shifted spine that caused him temporary paralysis in his
hind legs, and much more.
Bond’s favorite activities include suntanning by the pool and laying on anything that’s not his. He’s
incredibly talkative, particularly at night when it’s unwarranted. Like a true king, Bond prefers to pee in
front of the litter box to avoid getting his paws dirty. He loves frequent snacks by the pool and neck rubs.
Bond is living his dream of being a spoiled house cat, and we are very thankful he found us.”

Pet of the Month, August 2022, Lady Breslin-Clark

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Congratulations to our August 2022 Pet of the Month- Lady Breslin-Clark

“Lady is our precious, seven-year-old Havanese. She was the runt of the litter with dark markings on her face as a puppy, and we couldn’t resist.
Lady is full of love and excitement. She thinks everyone around is there to visit her. She twirls in circles of excitement when it is time for her walk or her vet visits and doggy daycare at Tuscawilla Oaks, and even when she rides in the car for a Starbucks coffee.

She loves to be rubbed and snuggled in bed with her human family, and she hasn’t a mean streak in her. Lady hates thunderstorms and loves to perch on the sofa in her blanket.

Lady is a special dog, a true family member, and has a very special place in our hearts.”

Pet of the Month, July 2022, Marley Gillis

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Congratulations to our July 2022 Pet of the Month. Marley Gillis!!😺

“Marley’s life before joining his forever home is somewhat unknown, but it has taken its toll on him. We don’t know his exact age, but it’s estimated that he is around 7-9 years old. When we moved into our current house, Marley was one of the cats we frequently saw outside. This handsome long-haired tabby would watch us from a long-distance away. The only person he would allow near him was the older man across the street from us.

As we started to get to know our neighbors, we learned more about Marley’s backstory. He had belonged to a couple a few houses down the street that no longer lived in the area. We don’t know why they did not take him with them when they moved, but he was left in the neighborhood. No one ever came to claim him. As time passed, Marley came to trust us and would come around for a daily round of kitty kibble and pets.

Recently, however, we noticed that he seemed to have trouble sitting down. Surprisingly, he allowed us to take him to TOAH to get checked out. Dr. Fullenwider examined him and took an x-ray.

While it does not appear to cause him pain, it turns out the poor guy has some spinal damage. Upon learning that, we decided to adopt him and bring him inside for a comfortable retirement. Since then, Marley has continued to grow into a sweet, loving kitty. He is super mellow and fits in well with our other cats. He talks to us with a raspy trilling when he wants something, especially to get pets. Since he has come inside, he seems to be getting better with his mobility. He’s now getting up on the bed, into chairs, and on whatever other furniture he is curious about at the time.

We’re happy that Marley has joined our family and seems to be responding well to his new life. A big thanks to Dr. Fullenwider and the TOAH staff for your help!”

Pet of the Month, June 2022, Willow Jahosky

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Congratulations to our June 2022 Pet of the Month, Willow Jahosky! 🐶💓🐾
“Hi, I’m Willow! I was born in 2016. I’m a rescue pup- but really, who rescued who? My family describes me as shy. I feel the most comfortable hanging around fellow gals. I’m an only child & a bit spoiled… let’s just say I’m “well-loved”! In my spare time, I chew up stuff like carpets or a single shoe (never the pair). I occasionally have seizures which I would consider my biggest obstacle. I am so honored to be Pet of the Month! I want to thank the vets, my family, & those who’ve never stopped supporting me along the way!”
– Willow

Pet of the Month, Ceelo Thorne, April 2022

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Congratulations to our April 2022 Pet of the Month, Ceelo Thorne!
Read his bio below😊
“Ceelo is a 9.5-year-old male grey and white (‘blue nose’) American Staffordshire Terrier who likes walks, rides in cars, and belly rubs.
He also enjoys toys and bones to chew on. In addition, he loves people and other friendly dogs.
He also seems to be the center of attention whenever he goes to the vet.
Ceelo’s original owner could not keep him due to apartment restriction’s on dogs, so we adopted him. Or, more correctly, he adopted us.
Ceelo recently finished chemotherapy and is doing well. He lost his whiskers but still looks as handsome as ever.
He enjoys every day and loves to sleep with all four legs in the air on the couch.
Sometimes he thinks he is a dog and other times a human!”

Pet of the Month, March 2022, Kai Fields

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Congratulations to our March 2022 Pet of the Month, Kai Fields!!!

Read his bio below:).

“Kai (and his brother Tai) came to me by way of my older sister in 2019. His exact age is unknown because I am his third home, but I promise I am also his FURever home! Kai is the most playful but sweet cat I have ever had the privilege to call mine. He is like a dog in a cat’s body because his favorite thing in the whole world is belly rubs! And he has no problem nudging your hand until you do it! While he’s still not too sure of his new puppy sister, he loves playing with his brother and can almost always be found within a foot or two of him! TOAH is our family veterinary practice, so Kai has been under Dr.Fullenwider’ss watchful eye since coming home. Unfortunately, in 2021, Kai was diagnosed with feline diabetes, which led to a trying year and many veterinary visits. Yet, the amazing doctors, technicians, and staff at TOAH have gone out of their way to make Kai feel at home every time and continually give him all the love and belly rubs he could ever want. For that, I am so grateful.”

Pet of the Month, February 2022, Henry Harrington

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Congratulations to our February 2022 Pet of the Month, Henry Harrington!

Read his bio below:)

Hi! my name is Henry Harrington, aka “Mr. Wigglebottom” because I am constantly on the move! I am a “Shorkie” and was born on January 29, 2021. At the age of three months, I moved in with my new family in Casselberry. My favorite thing to do is attend Day Play at TOAH and play with my friends Bella, Fozzie, Parker, and Molly. I can barely contain my excitement when I arrive and see the other pets in their cars! My parents brought me to Day Play early on so I could learn positive social skills and good manners. I receive lots of hugs and kisses from all of the pack leaders. I love to play fetch and run around our backyard. When I meet someone new, I like to roll onto my back so they can rub my belly. When I eat my dinner, I always leave one morsel for later, just in case I get hungry again. At night I love to sleep on the big soft bed and watch cooking shows on television with my parents. Overall, I am a very happy pup, and I am honored to be February 2022 Pet of the Month. 🐶🐾