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What is Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Stem cell therapy & PRP can help dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and other degenerative diseases by sending in activated cells to promote repair and create a healthier joint environment. Stem cells are the repair cells in the body. This all-natural therapy can lengthen and rejuvenate the quality of life of pets suffering from these diseases. Adipose stem cell technology uses the patient’s own adult stem cells from fat tissue to heal and repair. The method is extremely safe. Stem cells reduce inflammation and pain and help to rebuild bone and soft tissue. The stem cells will continue healing from weeks to months. The benefits generally last a year or more sometimes, without the need for pain medication or NSAIDs. In cases of severe disease, some patients benefit from additional treatments as needed.

Cells from the initial procedure can be cryogenically preserved for future treatments, eliminating the need for additional surgery.

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Purevet PRP

Spay and Neuter program at TOAH!

The Spay and Neuter Storage Program is designed for proactive pet owners who wish to have their pet’s stem cells harvested at the time of their Spay or Neuter and placed in cryostorage for the future.

Should a situation arise within the pet’s life, Stem Cells can then be retrieved to help with medical issues and pain management. This option is perfect for those who have animals predisposed to suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and/or tendon and ligament injuries.

By harvesting the adipose tissue at the time of either a spay or neuter procedure, we are able to harvest and store the most vital, active, and healthy cells harvested from early in the pet’s life.

The need for additional surgical procedures later in life is also eliminated, so older animals, which are at a higher surgical risk, would not need to endure additional surgeries to harvest cells because it was already done at their Spay or Neuter. The program is designed to spread stem cell therapy costs over several years rather than one high upfront cost.

And, no annual banking fees if you do the procedure at this time! (Save $150.00 per year)

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