Pet of the Month, Sassy Collins, October 2021

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Congratulations to our October 2021, Pet of the Month, Sassy Collins!!
Read her bio below:)
“The Life and Times of Lil Sass Meow!! My name is Lil Sass, aka Sass, Sassy, Sassy Frassy, Princess, and Miss Collins! My family never calls their pets by just one name, lol.
My mom, Brenna, found me hiding under a car in the parking lot of her apartment complex ten years ago. My fur was shaved off in patches, and even my tail was shaved. I was scared and hungry. She gently coaxed me out and brought me into her home, where she gave me water, food, time to adjust, and lots of love. She had a boy cat living with her named Sebastian (Batty.) I don’t like boy cats, but he was very shy, and after a short time, we actually became buddies. I adapted well to this new situation, and the three of us lived in harmony for a few years until…
My mom decided to move to South Florida with a friend who was allergic to cats. She had rescued other cats living at her parents’ house, so Batty and I moved in there with them. UGH…not only were there four boy cats…there were two DOGS! Are you kidding me!?! It was kind of hard for me to adjust. Those boys were everywhere, and I spent a lot of time hissing at them and trying to find a space for myself. Luckily my grandmom, Debi, was very patient, and she got me some Feliway which helped me calm down.
It’s been eight years since I moved in with my grandparents, and everything was going great. I spent my days going in and out of the cat door to lounge on the pool deck, outside with my grandad, Mark, to get catnip, and being pampered like the princess I am…, especially by my grandmom. I loved hanging out with her on the bed and beside her on a stool while she read or watched tv. The boy cats learned not to mess with me, or I would swat them, and the dogs have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. They really weren’t that bad, and I kind of miss them but don’t tell anyone I said that.
Unfortunately, a few months ago, my grandmom noticed I had lost weight. So in August 2020, when I had my annual checkup, everything was fine…except they said I was a “senior” cat…excuse moi!!! Anyway, I went to see Dr. Fullenwider…all the family pets have been going to TOAH for over 20 years. We love all the vets, techs, and receptionists!!
Dr. Fullenwider examined me and did bloodwork which sadly did not have good results. I have kidney disease, high blood pressure, and anemia. This was very upsetting to my family, but Dr. Fullenwider got me started on medication and kidney disease cat food so I would feel better. I’m not too thrilled to take meds every day, and I hate kidney cat food and won’t eat it. Luckily Dr. Fullenwider said I could eat regular cat food and prescribed another medication every time I eat. My uncle, Evan, is good at giving me my pills and other medicines, and I try to behave for him…most of the time.
As if this wasn’t bad enough, I started having trouble with discharge from my right eye. I went back to Dr. F, and she was very concerned and had me see an Ophthalmologist. Long story short, I developed a condition that required my right eye to be removed. My family was so worried about having to have surgery, but I’m a tough girl and did great. I’m recovering well…eating, drinking, and sleeping with the dreaded Cone of Shame. I’ll be so glad to get rid of that thing!
My family said I’m as beautiful as ever…just perfect. I hope that even with my medical issues, I will be with them for a long time. I love them very much! Also, I feel very blessed to be so lovingly cared for by my other family at TOAH! Life is GOOD!!
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