Pet of the Month, November 2021, Fozzie Marinshaw

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Congratulations to our November 2021 Pet of the M0nth! FOZZIE BEAR MARINSHAW! Read his bio below:)

“Hi there! I was born on September 17, 2016, on a farm in Alabama.  I have four brothers, and all of us had our pictures on a website so people could pick out which puppy they wanted.  My new mommy and daddy decided they wanted me, so after nine weeks, someone drove me to Chuluota to meet them.  I liked them right away, and they LOVED me.  They said I looked like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets, so that’s how I got my name.

I grew fast, ate a lot, played a lot, went to obedience school to become a better pet, but sometimes mommy and daddy say I need to go back for more schooling.  I always like to go for walks.  Sometimes I drink out of the sprinklers in different yards.  Sometimes I find treasures I want to take home, like sunglasses, masks, tree limbs, or empty paper cups.

One thing I love to do is pick up shoes, clothing, pillows, magazines, or food and run around the house to make mommy and daddy chase me.  Another “bad dog” thing I did was chase 16 chickens around their yard to drive them crazy, and now I’m not allowed to go back to their house.  I think these are the reasons mommy and daddy want me to go back to obedience school.

Other things I like are playing tug-of-war with my humans or other dogs, taking naps with my stuffed animals, stretching out on furniture or the floor, and carrying a bag of dog treats around, hoping someone will open it for me.

My very favorite thing to do is go today play to hang out with my dog buddies and the pack leaders, run around like crazy, put my head underwater, and roll in the mud.  It sure is FUN!  I love it when it’s ice cream day.  Sometimes after day play, I get a nice bath, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and blown dry.  I love that too.  Mommy says I smell better after the bath.

Now that you know me, better come and play with me.  Hope to see you at day play ….

Love, Fozzie”

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