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March 2017 Pet of the Month-Andorra Grover

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Andorra is a 4 year old Great Pyrenees who I adopted when she was 2 years old from the Florida Pyrenees Rescue Organization.

I was looking for a companion for my Labrador retriever , Ki, since he had recently lost his wonderful Lab friend Suzy. I expected to find another female retriever, but than I met Andorra. In spite of her poor physical condition that reflected what she had been thru, her eyes were filled with courage and wisdom. I knew that she would be the perfect companion for Ki, and they were playing together the same day that the rescue people brought her to my house.

She is a remarkable dog in many ways, and continues to impress everyone who meets her. She is warm and loving to people, especially children, and yet is very protective of her home and property. She patrols her property every day, and alerts anyone going by that she is on duty.

Her breed has been used for hundreds of years to protect livestock in the Pyrenees mountains of Europe, and she is named after the Republic that is home to her ancestors. She still has a lot of puppy in her and plays with Ki daily, except when he is in the pool – she does not like to get wet.

I believe she would be a great therapy dog to help people in need of emotional support and encouragement., and plan to get her involved in this area. Her loving personality, combined with her protective instincts, will allow her to continue to be of service.

My thanks to the great staff at TOAH for all their help in bringing her back to full health. “image3image2image1 (3)

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