Sam Braun-January 2015 Pet of the Month

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I would do well to learn a life lesson or two from my best friend, my hero, my dog, Sam.

Sam is loyal, cheerful, and is happy to do whatever his family is doing, from riding in the car, to going for a walk, to swimming, or just sitting on the sofa with his Dad (me) watching football.

He has had his health issues. Sam had hip surgery when he was not even 2 years old. Lying on the rug on his first day home recovering with staples across his hip area, Sam struggled to get to his feet just so he could greet me at the door coming home from work. Now that is a best friend!

Sam recently lost his vision, just shy of his 10th birthday. Yet after just a couple of weeks, you would hardly know it. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself, doesn’t ask “why me?” He just adjusted, and now he gets around just fine.

Sam is also dealing with Cushing’s disease and a second bad hip. Yet he just goes on doing the best he can. He’s happy and showing his family how to be cheerful and positive in the face of adversity. Like I said I can learn a lot from my best friend.

-Sam’s Dad

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