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Raiden Kelly-December 2014 Pet of the Month

By December 1, 2014 Uncategorized

Being a ferret owner and rescue active in the ferret community I was given a once in a lifetime chance to get a private bred ferret from up north. Both his mom and dad come from highly respectable breeders who judge in shows. I did my research and decided that I would welcome him into my family with open arms. He was transported down here with one of my good friends.

HCF’s Raiden (Thunderstruck) is 6 months old now and is a 1/4 Hungarian polecat hybrid. Raiden is suspected to get over 5 pounds. He is a very highly intelligent, funny and faithful boy who loves his family. He loves to run around the house with his friends getting into things and  laughing at us when we tell him not to.  He turns heads and makes new friends wherever he goes. We are honored to be TOAH’s pet of the month for December 🙂


Kelly, Raiden Baby

Kelly, Raiden Swimming

Kelly, Raiden Yard







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