Chester Symanski- November 2014 Pet of the Month

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My name is Chester and I am lucky to be alive. I was rescued twice. Once was in November 2003, I was approximately 6 months old. I was found under a storage unit behind a Publix shopping center and I was very scared. I grew up with three other kittens my age and was an inside cat until 2012. Now I love being outside and on the back porch.

I was just recently rescued for the second time when I managed to get into a chemical that caused burns on my tongue, back legs, tail, and my belly. Thanks to the great care from the doctors and staff at Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital I am as good as new. After resting inside for a month I am back to enjoying the outside life. I still get to come inside to snuggle with my mom though! Life is good!

Chester Symanski POTM November 1

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