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Pet of the Month, April 2024, Murphy, Symanski!

By April 1, 2024 Pet of the Month

Congratulations to our April 2024 Pet of the Month, Murphy, Symanski!

I rescued Murphy from a family friend who had cancer and the family could not take care of a kitten. Murphy was four months old when I got him in 12/2004 and had a horrible case of scabies. He had many medicated baths and was such a pretty tabby again.
Murphy is a very loving and vocal cat. If you pet him too long, he starts drooling.

Growing up, he was an indoor kitty only, but he then wanted to live out on our porch. Eventually, he went to live outside with his five friends, but we installed a pet door for them so they could get back on the porch. Murphy was a wanderer. He would climb the fence and sleep two houses down in their backyard, which scared me every time he was missing, but he hated being inside at this point. Murphy has outlived all of his friends.

Now, at 19 1/2, Murphy struggles with arthritis, hyperthyroidism, and kidney failure. He has been an inside cat for the past two years, which has spoiled him rotten. He goes out daily for fresh air and to see his best girl, Roxanne. She misses him being outside with her, so she runs to greet him every time. I’m not sure how much time I have left with him, but he is a very important part of my day, and I take extra special care of him.
Thank you for choosing my Murph Murph as the pet of the month!

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