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By March 1, 2024 Pet of the Month

Congratulations to our March 2024 Pet of the Month, Deuce, Brumback!

Deuce was rescued in January 2012 from the Sanford SPCA. At that time, we lost our Husky mix Carson, who was Gatorgirl’s (ridgeback hound dog mix) BFF. She was truly lost without him. Paula said, “No more dogs!” but Sarah and I disagreed! There are two pics from Sanford, one of him in his kennel and one in Sarah’s lap. He was about a year old, and we told them we needed a male dog who was okay with cats and was house-trained. Deuce checked all the boxes.

Over the years, he’s been a great guard dog, companion for Leola (who lived with us until she passed at 92), target for one of the cats (who arrived in 2015), and most critically Gatorgirls BFF for her last 5 years.

He loves his rides and treats, lying on my office floor while I ride my bike, begging Paula for scraps while she cooks. He also sprints to Becky, our pool lady, for treats when she arrives. He loves his daily walks, where he can bark at anyone and everyone outside the house. Most importantly, deuce loves snoozing in his favorite closet. Deuce has always appreciated TOAH’s loving care. He’d be honored to be TOAH’s pet of the month and will gladly represent TOAH publicly in any way you request. Thanks for the honor!!!

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