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Pet of the Month, February 2024, Kali Mae, Suppler!

By February 1, 2024 Pet of the Month

Congratulations to our February 2024 Pet of the Month Kali Mae, Suppler! 

It is with great pleasure I tell you about Miss Kali Mae. We had gone up to Pet rescue by Judy to look for a companion cat for our cat who had lost his letter. When we walked in and were looking around, we saw this tiny little calico child. She looks so scared and alone. And then we saw Harry, and of course he had to come with us as well. I had gotten some background information from the foster mom. Callie had been rescued out of a hoarding situation. She literally have been found in the trash. As a result, she had a lot of emotional baggage, and was terrified of everything, including her own shadow.  we brought her home with Harry and made a point of putting cardboard around the basis of all the furniture. I worked with her and worked with her constantly for three solid weeks and she just would not talk. Finally, just at my wits end I called the foster mom and let her know. I said I I don’t know what else I can do for her , I’m afraid it’s just not gonna work out. Kali was listening and the following morning she found her voice and started to vocalize. She has not stopped since then.
Over the years, she had been having digestive issues due to what it happened to her when she was young. Right before Thanksgiving things last year she could not hold down food. We came over to Toah and of course she was seeing as soon as possible. She was treated and everything seemed OK. Then Thanksgiving day the same issue was going on and off to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic . They treated her, ran several tests, and she was brought home. the day after Thanksgiving we had a follow-up visit with Toah and the same thing occurred. More test were done and between the staff and the doctors were doing everything they could to get her to hold food down. It was scary thank goodness for the dedicated team. She now has allergy free food and a slow feeder bowl. We’re so happy to report that with her annual check up that just took place a couple weeks ago. She is a healthy baby girl. 12 years old and we were told that she does not have the teeth of a 12-year-old cat.
She absolutely loves to chase her brother and sister around. Her favorite place in the house are on our laps and on the couch. She is so smart if I’m in the kitchen and I say Callie on the couch and point to it she just dropped right over there and put herself down on the couch and wait for us. And she loves her collar. She considers a jewelry and if it falls off for any reason or comes off, she’ll sit down and she’ll wait for you to put it back on.
I could ramble on and on about her, but she is an amazing girl!

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