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Pet of the Month, January 2024, Luly, Rodas!

By January 2, 2024 Pet of the Month

Congratulations to our January 2024 Pet of the Month Luly, Rodas!

Lully was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 21, 2011. Her original owner moved to FL in 2015, soon after hurricane Maria, but couldn’t care for her as well as 2 other dogs. Our family had not considered adopting any other pets following a sad loss of our 18-year-old dog Sasha, and 21-year-old cat Simba, however Lully stole our hearts.

We had met Lully once in PR when she was a tiny, shy puppy. In PR, Lully had overcome a pregnancy when she almost died and lost both puppies. She had been bullied by larger dogs hence was very timid – wouldn’t bark, slept most of the time, and didn’t play at all, to a point we thought she had some sort of genetic or medical condition. However, after a few weeks with our family (children, grandchildren, large dogs in our family, and frequent family gatherings), Lully is now the queen of the house.

She’s very happy, loves to cuddle with anyone who can provide warm arms and affection, and she’s very protective – our children’s 80-pound dogs Labradors won’t mess with this little 4-pound chihuahua. Lully is a tough little dog – she had may of her teeth pulled, which required a 2-day trip to a university vet hospital in Gainesville. Not long ago, an ear infection kept her from keeping her balance for 2 months, but is much better now following several treatments. Now she’s happy and healthy – during the day she loves to park herself in her bed in papa’s office; in the evenings she loves her spot on the sofa in the living room. She loves long rides in the car and has visited Apalachicola, Georgia mountains, and South Florida.

Lully brings joy and happiness to our family – our children and grandchildren love her and always care for her. We’re blessed to have such a wonderful 4-paw family member in our lives.

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