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Congratulations to our September 2021 Pet of the Month, Reese Campbell!! Read his bio below:

“Hi, my name is Reese; it’s actually Mel’s Reese Is Better Than Chocolate, according to my AKC registration. I was born on 05/18/2011 and lived with a brother until 10/30/2018 when my first Mom listed me on “Rescue Me” because she was moving in with her fiance, who would not allow two dogs. When my current Mom drove 60 plus miles to meet me  –  my crate, kibble, and two toys were packed and ready to go. I was scared and shy, but my new Mom immediately began talking in a kind, warm voice and loaded me into her car. On the way home, I cried a little. I found I was no longer locked in my crate but was allowed to roam in the house wherever I wanted to go.  I quickly learned to wait to go outside on a leash to relieve myself.

Within weeks I met my vet, the kind, gentle Dr. Fullenwider, and technicians at TOAH for my first dental and neutering. All went well, except every year since I’ve had to have several teeth pulled as my gums keep deteriorating – ugh!

As I was not leash trained, we had difficulty going for walks because I wanted to chase every squirrel, gecko, and certain other dogs out for their walks, but as Mom had recently had shoulder surgery. I pulled and jerked (a lot!), so Mom found a great trainer, and I went to Boot Camp for six weeks. (Mom cried). I learned to come, stay, heel, sit, lay down, and ‘leave it. Now I listen to Mom most of the time except when I meet a dog I do not like, or that is walking in front of our house,  or when the doorbell rings or repairmen come into the house, I express my protectiveness for my Mom.  My ‘Aunt’ says I am my Mom’s shadow ‘cause I follow Mom around from room-to-room and ‘cry’  if she goes outside without me. When I ‘cry,’ I sound just like a baby! One is a sad “cry,” and one is an excited “cry,” but both are loud.

At home, I am not a cuddler, although I am working on it. I wouldn’t say I like many toys, only my fleece lamb, which I carry around in my mouth, sometimes whining until I lay down to rest. I’m not too fond of balls or playing fetch. A nap is more suitable.

I like to ride in the car. Every four weeks, I ride in the car to go to the groomer because my hair is “curly and fine,” getting matted easily on my tummy and legs, and this is okay. Still, when Mom takes me to TOAH Play Day, I get all excited as we get a couple of blocks away, and I begin to ‘cry,’ excited to see my friends (techs). Interestingly I am not aggressive with any of the other dogs at Play Day. This is because I really like Play Day.”

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