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Pet of the Month-November 2017-Clara Phelps

By October 31, 2017 Uncategorized

Congratulations to Clara Phelps who was nominated as our November 2017 Pet of the Month.

Please read her full bio below:)

“Clara Bell came to us through the Orange County Animal Services. It was January 2015 and she was being featured on the website with a red and green holiday kerchief. She looked so pitiful and lonely we just had to go down and take a look. She was friendly but tired easily which, made sense for we discovered she was heartworm positive. She had tear duct problems as well, so her eyes were goopy and it looked like she was crying all the time. We took her home and the adventures really began!

Our girl went through a lot in the next year as we almost lost her to a fist sized blood clot (heartworms can cause blood issues), skin cancer removal and radiation, surgery to correct her inverted eyelids and diabetes insipidus!

But she is a trooper, takes her medicine without complaints and goes about her day.

Clara likes rough housing with her brother who she now outweighs (72 pounds of muscle), dragging me around on walks, chasing squirrels and she enjoys snuggling with anyone who will sit still for it. She is a big baby and makes new friends whenever she goes. We are so happy she came home with us and hope she is with us for many years to come.

– Ernie & Betty”

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