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Hi! My name is Kenzie. 

I moved from my home near Tampa to central Florida in November 2016 at 4mo old.  This was a very stressful ride and I voiced my concerns for most of the trip.  Many comment that I’m very well behaved but it’s just a ploy to make them lower their guards and allow me to have my way.  I love playing with my Easter eggs but my owners don’t know how to put them together so I’m stuck with halves.  To retaliate, I make it difficult for them to change positions in their sleep by strategically placing myself near their legs.  I really enjoy sitting on their laps and they get the benefit of petting me.  My sister, Jaiden (a 20lb German Pinscher), who wants to be like me, thinks she should sit on my lap and I have to bite her boney little elbow in protest.  Hopefully my owners will honor my “Pet of the Month” status with lots more of my favorite snacks without needing me to do “tricks” for them.  Are most parents this annoying?

Kenzie_BubblesKenzie_Lounging (1)Kenzie-Jaiden_Lighter (1)

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