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Paisley is an 11 ½ year old Scottish Terrier.  She was our family’s Christmas gift one year after we had lost our older Scottish Terrier, Maxie.

She was playful and rambunctious and always a little quirky!  She was a good playmate for her “older sister” Annamae and is a good older sister to our youngest Scottie, Dorie. (even though Dorie aggravates her every chance she gets!)

In September 2016 Paisley was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  (If you look closely at her picture, you can see the egg-shaped bump on her head.)  Since September, she has endured surgery, radiation and chemotherapy only to have the tumor regrow.

Through all of this, she has been such a trooper!  She refuses to give in to the terrible “C” word!  She has good days and not so good days, but through it all, she has been brave.

She now gets the royal treatment, being carried up and down the stairs in my house as many times a day as she feels it is necessary.  She still enjoys getting outside but doesn’t linger as long there as she used to.  And of course, she’s never too tired or sick for a least one or two raw hide treats!  My kids are all grown now and out of the house but when they come by, Paisley greets them at the door with her tail just a wagging!

We know our time with Paisley is winding down.  We may only have her in our lives for a few more months at the most.  The thought of life without her prissy little attitude breaks my heart and is more than I can bear sometimes.  She has touched our family’s heart in such a way that she will never be forgotten.  We love you Paisley! 

Congratulations on being TOAH’s Pet of the Month… so deserve it girl!!

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