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Pet of the Month-November 2016-Punkin Neugebauer

By November 1, 2016 Uncategorized

We answered an ad in 2005 for a Chihuahua for sale. At first, we hesitated, because we didn’t want a hyper dog that snips and barks a lot. This was not the case with Punkin. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog EVER! We take him with us on our vacations and around town. Everyone LOVES Punk. His favorite treat is celery. He also LOVES when people come over to the house for a visit. Everyone wants to hold him, because he just licks you to death. We couldn’t have asked for a better four legged baby. Thank you for nominating him. To us, he’s Pet of the Month….EVERY month

Punk 3Punk 2Punk 1Punk 4

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