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Pet of the Month, June 2024, Pocky (Cubby) Stafford

By June 3, 2024 Pet of the Month

Congratulation to our June 2024 Pet of the Month, Pocky (Cubby) Stafford! 

Pocky (“Cubby”) was born in Orlando, Florida, sometime in 2013. He was originally owned by a family friend who came to live with us in early 2014. When our friend decided it was time to move on, we decided that Pocky should live with us forever!

From the beginning, Pocky has been very friendly cat who enjoys the company of our other pets. He is also very friendly and loving with humans. To this day, he is a big ray of orange sunshine, who loves to love! He is especially fond of lovely young ladies (feline and human).

Pocky, who now mainly goes by “Cubby”, has brought immeasurable joy to our family! We’ve spent hours making up stories about his “past lives” (cat food manager at “Cublix” and administrative assistant, to name a few) and watching him enjoy life. He is a full-figured animal who enjoys eating, sunbathing by the pool, being the “little spoon”, and carrying his favorite toys around the house while meowing loudly. Pocky/Cubby is the total package!

Being the man of leisure and snacks that he is, Cubby has had an ongoing battle with digestive issues (constipation). We are very lucky that our friends at TOAH take excellent care of him and help get him back to normal when he has problems. Cubby is planning a summer “glow up” diet and exercise regimen in hopes of resolving his digestive issues for good!

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