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Pet of the Month, October 2023, Mao, Wedel!

By October 2, 2023 Pet of the Month
Congratulations to our October 2023 Pet of the Month, Mao Wedel!
Meet Mao!
I found Mao at what is now the Pet Alliance in Sanford in the spring of 2014. He was known at the shelter as “prom cat,” because a high school boy had found him on his own and chose to ask a girl to prom with the kitten as a gift. The girl’s family had brought him into the shelter within a day or two. I chose him because he had a good personality. I brought him home and over the next two weeks, I learned he had the sharpest little teeth and enjoyed biting me. As a solution, I went back to get another cat that I named Nixon (the naming of the cats reflects my profession as a high school history teacher). The two got on quite well. Mao has always been quite demanding when he wants attention and will bawl like a crying child if he is left on the other side of a door in the house from where he wants to be.
Mao became quite ill this summer while I was abroad when he just stopped eating. TOAH vets and staff were diligent in his care, and Mao had a feeding tube inserted to feed him until he learned to eat by mouth again. With the help of my parents, we fed him via the tube six times a day. The devotion and hard work paid off after about six weeks, and he had his feeding tube taken out last week. He is healthy, happy, and demanding once again.
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