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Onyx Bouckhuyt

By December 5, 2012 May 16th, 2014 Memorials

Date of Birth: 04/13/1998
Date of Passing: 12/05/12

In 1998 when we obtained our new tri-colored beagle puppy, my son & I named her ‘Onyx’ like her young jet black fur on her back. We brought her into see Dr. ‘Rick’ 14 1/2 years ago. He told us we picked the breed that is the most low maintenance. He was right, as I believe she only needed annual shots the first decade of her life.

1999 Dr. Ric visited one of my neighbors around her 1st birthday, and on a walk around the neighborhood passed by our house and with a big grin, was so tickled that we were having a ‘doggie birthday party’ for her out in our yard. We had invited other dogs over and had a tray full of dog treats ! Your employee, Ashley was a childhood friend of my son, Matt and thinks she remembers when we got her !

Whenever I traveled, she stayed with Tuscawilla Oaks for boarding and all became acquainted with her. She was the sweetest natured beagle, and a typical one too. She liked to sniff and snoop around. No wonder why the creator of ‘Peanuts’ comics, Charles Schultz picked a beagle with the name Snoopy because it is so breed appropriate ! The President of the National Beagle Club told me on the phone when we were picking the breed that they’re just hilarious and she was right. Onyx entertained us with lots of laughs as a pup and kept her playful nature though even her older years.

2009 Onyx was now on meds and was diagnosed by TOAH with a tumor on her bladder, in which dogs averaged about only 2 to 10 weeks left of live. I took her to my church’s ‘Blessing of the animals service’ and to everyone’s surprise, she defied all odds by surpassing that and kept going. My son was now in the Marines and had a deployment to Iraq for two months and later again in 2010 to Afghanistan. ‘Marine Matt’ gave her orders that she better live until he returns from his 7 month deployment, not returning until early June 2011. This was to be a real challenge but she must have listened to one of her master’s order and took it seriously because again she amazed us all and defied the odds. You can imagine the reunion to have my Marine son home safe and Onyx happy to have us all reunited.

So she survived age 12 with the tumor, age 13, and amazingly made it to almost 15 (14 3/4 years) old when she passed away this month December 2012 – as we are all reflecting that she was expected to only live a few weeks. Dr. McPhearson said “We’ve never heard of or seen a case like Onyx”. I will miss her so much but even your Rainbow Bridge story posted on your wall gave me comfort.

I hope the entire staff will read this because I can’t thank everyone there enough from the bottom of my heart for all their guidance in assisting to keep her happy and live a long and healthy life. Thank you again – all of you who gave her loving care and compassion at any time over the years. Words can’t totally express how you will always have my gratitude and appreciation for your professionalism and a very high recommendation from myself and family. I will always share the good news to all, of my experience with you. I am like a ‘walking billboard’ for you – which is your best advertising. I have had other pets over the years since about 1980 which I have brought to you for care, over 30 years! Thank you for your patience with me as an owner at times and your wonderful customer service. Keep up the great work and your high standards. You will eternally hold ‘THE BEST’ Award from me. May God bless each and every one of you!

Ms. Toby Bouckhuyt

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