Pet of the Month-June 2021-Nudie Wrinkles

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Congratulation to our June 2021 pet of the month, Nudie Wrinkles. Read his bio below:)

“Nudie came to us from a Sphynx rescue group when he was just six months old. He quickly took over the household with his personality and his range of noises. He is keen on letting us know his feeling at all times. His affection is on his terms that result in cuddles that are more meaningful to his moms. When guests come over, he loves to show off. He loves playing with his toy cat wands and jumping long distances. Once, he had to have a bath because a failed jump resulted in him being soaked in wine. Although hairless, he feels similar to a peach and has a furry nose and tail.  He enjoys sitting in his hanging window hammock in the Florida room, chirping at birds and lizards, and cuddling with mom when he’s ready for treats or wet food.”

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