Pet of the Month-August 2018-Vader Murphy

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Hi there!  My name is Vader.  My mom tried to change my name to Milo but, I refused to answer to that name so Vader it is.  I’ve lived with my people since I was 6 months old and now I’m a senior with diabetes.  With the proper diet and insulin, I’ve maintained a very normal life.  Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital really helped me feel better. 

I’m a laid back cat.  I hang with the dogs and they follow me around because I’m the pack leader.  I play with their toys and sleep on their beds.  They know I’m the boss!  I’m really helpful around the house too.  I wake up my people every morning at 6:00am so they know to feed the dogs (and me of course).  If there is a lap free I sit on it so they will be warm.  When I sit next to them I always put a paw on their arm just to give a reminder that I’m there for them. 

When the little boy I live with gets sick I stay with him until he’s feeling better.  I’m kind of like a support cat really. I’m great with kids, dogs, cats, and people.  I don’t discriminate… except for lizards, I eat lizards.  My people love me unconditionally and that’s why I never scratch or bite them.  I purr sometimes when I just make eye contact with them.  We are all really lucky to have found each other.  I’ve had the privilege of being the Pet of the Month at my house many times but, this is the first for the Vet’s office.   I’m honored. Thank you!


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