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By July 25, 2013 May 16th, 2014 Memorials

Date of Birth: 11/19/99
Date of Passing: 07/25/13

Having had pets all my life, and thankful to my parents that we had the joy of pets growing up, there was a time when I had no pets after moving to Montana. At the time, we were first renting so couldn’t have any. We built a house and I longed for a new addition. DT was in a litter that a friend of mine had when a Lab jumped the fence and got her Chow pregnant. Double Trouble “DT” was the only tan/cream colored pup and all the others were black fur balls :-). My friend said she was to be mine! We were laughing at how a Lab’s tail could clean off a coffee table in one swoop, and how Chow’s have that “no warning” bite attitude, and I thought, “Oh boy, we are in “double trouble” with DT” :-). Thinking back to her puppy days sure make me smile. She was SO cute and wobbly and it was love for life for us! We did obedience school together, we spent many a day taking strolls, running and playing fetch and just cuddling. She went everywhere with me.

…about a year later, I got little Squirt, our Westie and I remember DT looking at me, when this little white puppy full of vim and vigor was wanting to play with DT, and her eyes saying “who’s this and what’s he doing here?” Then came Pederby, our Netherland Dwarf bunny, then Siber, our hamster, and Lilly, our lovebird, and next Slater and Lucy, our two kitties, and a frog!–and each time DT looking at me and saying oh, no, really another pet?! But, seriously she was SO good with them all and we were a family..I miss her so. We moved to Florida, August 2012 with our “geriatric farm” of these two dogs, two cats, a bunny, a bird and a frog.

Devastatingly, and so sadly, Salter and Lucy both got lost to predators in our temporary housing, and Pederby died at the old age of 12, two months after settling into our new home. DT was 15 and Squirt was 14 (a diabetic and diagnosed with bladder cancer) when we had to put them both down. We are so thankful to the TOAH staff who helped take such good care of our family transitioning here to FL. We are very grateful to Dr. Taylor and all the staff. When we received the sympathy card from the clinic and each had written such special notes, it brought me to tears.
And now, I smile thinking of DT and little Squirt and Pedeby and Slater and Lucy all playing on Rainbow Bridge…

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